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Achievement: Indians join NASA astronauts, can go on moon and mars mission

Achievement: Indians join NASA astronauts, can go on moon and mars mission

11 new NASA graduates are expected to be part of future ambitious missions to the International Space Station (ISS), the Moon and Mars, including US Air Force Indian-origin Colonel King John Voorputur Chari. These 11 new NASA graduates have successfully completed basic astronaut training for more than two years.

These successful astronauts were selected from 18,000 applicants in 2017 after NASA announced its ‘Artemis’ program. Chari (41) was selected by NASA to be included in the 2017 astronaut candidate category. He reported for duty in August 2017 and has become eligible to go on mission work after completing initial astronaut candidate training. 

In a ceremony here on Friday (January 10), each new astronaut was given a silver pin traditionally given. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein said at the agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, “2020 will resume the sending of American astronauts into space via American rockets from US land and will be used for our Artemis program and moon and other missions.” This will be another important year of our progress. “

When the astronauts complete their first spaceflight, they will be given a gold pin. New graduates can be sent on ISS, Moon and Mars missions. NASA will send the first female astronaut to the lunar surface by 2024 with the goal of a continuous search on the Moon at the end of this decade.

Chari is a colonel in the US Air Force from Cedar Falls Iowa. He holds a bachelor’s degree in astronautical engineering. Chari’s father Srinivas Chari came from Hyderabad for a US engineering degree. Chari, inspired by her father, recently said, “My father came here to get education and the importance given to him also influenced my upbringing.”

Updated: January 28, 2021 — 10:41 am

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